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1. First impression counts:

Please present yourself in a formal/professional way. (It doesn’t mean you have to wear a suit). Don’t be too extravagant. Looks do make you feel confident.

2. Be prepared:

There may not be a second chance. So prepare yourself well. Do a thorough research about your university/course/scope/modules/cost of living etc. Please refer to the details in your offer letter/CAS.

3. Be Very Confident:

Be confident in answering the questions. In case if you do not know any answer, tell them that you will look it up or you will get back to them. Do not say I don’t know or I didn’t think it was important.

4. Remember your body language:

Maintain the straight posture and look straight towards the camera. Avoid looking down/up/left or right. Even if the person on the other side is not visible, answer by looking into the camera.

5. Don't represent yourself what you are not:

Be your true self. Do not try to be over smart or cover your track with lies. Please remember that consulate members will have complete information of you before you step in. They have all the resources to confirm your statements. Hence do not provide any fake documents as this could lead you to face some serious criminal charges.

6. Be calm & composed:

Don’t be nervous. Get good sleep/ rest well at least 4 hours before your interview. Many of them panic and act hysterical. There is no need to be that worried. Please be calm and composed throughout the interview.

7. Keep it simple:

You need not provide a research amount of information. A maximum of 3 -4 points per elaborated question is more than sufficient.

The secret to good interview is confidence + preparation + Presenting yourself. The following questions are for example purpose. Please do not repeat the same answers provided here. Explore what your university offers for your course, How your course will help you ahead and why choose UK.

Important Questions:

1. Which is the capital of UK?

UK is formed of 4 countries i.e England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. Since the government is based in London, the capital of UK is identified as London.

2. Why do you want to go to UK?

I am planning to pursue my Under graduation / post graduation / pathway combination program in Management / Engineering (mention your course) in UK.

3. Tell me about yourself & your achievements?

I have graduated with my bachelors or diploma in Mention (Subject), I have done a project on (Mention any project/internship done). I have been recognized for ( if you have presented a paper, mention that), I have won awards in if (any subject related competitions/ sports/ mention worthy co-curricular activities can be highlighted). You can also talk about your ambitions and aspirations. NOTE: Your answers should match your CV, application form and SOP. Try to remain or answer around these.

4. Tell me about your family?

Mention the members of your family and their occupation. If you like to highlight their major achievements, that is fine.

5. Which University are you planning to study in UK?

Please mention your university name. Do not use acronyms.

6. Why have you opted for this particular program?

If relevant, use these points to answer: This is the extension/ advanced version of my bachelor’s major. This course has a great demand in the industry. Studying this course will boost my salary package and designation. I am passionate to explore about this topic in great lengths.

7. What is the tuition fee of your course of study?

Refer to Unconditional offer letter/CAS. If scholarship is awarded, mention that too.

8. What are the facilities provided by the university?

Just an example, refer to your university website to know the facilities. My university provides me relevant workshop to top up my knowledge, My university provides me an opportunity for a global trip to enhance my understanding of my course, My university gives an opportunity of doing company projects which will enable to me gain work experience on an international level.

9. Why do you want to do your Bachelors or Masters from UK?

Just an example: UK is popular for delivering the best education, UK degree is recognized worldwide, Studying in UK will open up more opportunities for me in terms of both research and job prospects.

10. Where this University is located?

Refer to Unconditional offer or CAS. Alternatively Google. Remember the street name city and post code.

11. How you will go to the University?

From my accommodation to university, I will walk/bicycle/take the bus/underground metro trains

12. What are the Entry Requirements of the Course?

Refer to the website of your course page.

13. What is your IELTS or PTE score?

If you have taken up English proficiency test, mention the course. If you are subjected to university screening, mention about your English proficiency interview/ If you have given university tests, mention the scores.

14. What is the address and web address of the institute?

Refer to the CAS/ UCO for address and google the web address. Example: for De Montfort University.

15. How many universities did you apply to?

Have you applied in any other institution for the same program in UK?

Don’t mention that you had applied for other universities. Just mention that you had researched about other university but you felt the chosen university was best suited to your academic requirements.

16. Why you are choosing this university only?

Don’t mention general points. Be specific as to what university is providing. Example: University has best tutors for this course thereby the students have been placed to popular companies, As a student of this university, I will have access to CAD/ Energy Labs/ Bloomberg trading centre etc. I will have a chance to participate in exclusive science/management exhibits and a chance to represent my university and my country.

17. Can you tell me some details about your University?

Talk about Clubs and societies/ Awards/Ranks/Accreditations and recognitions, Milestones achieved any feature which impressed you. Refer to website for highlights. Talk about voluntary works/charities.

18. If the student is going for Foundation or Pre-Master leading to Bachelors or Masters respectively then whether the student knows why he has been offered this pathway?

Explain the reason if you have offered pathway program. Normally students who don’t meet the eligibility criteria are subjected to pathways/ foundation courses.

19. Do you know anybody in UK?

If you have any immediate family or relatives and friends in UK, mention it along with their address. You should have their contact details too. Do not mention any fb/twitter/tinder friends.

20. What are the modules that you are going to study?

Check the course page on your university website. You should know at least 8 modules. Modules are nothing but subjects you will be studying.

21. What are course fees?

Refer to the CAS/ UCO

22. How much deposit you paid?

Refer to the CAS/ UCO

23. Whether you received the CAS letter before payment of fees or after payment of fees?

After the payment of Initial tuition deposit.

24. Is this course available in India?

No. The course content in India is outdated and we have no option of selecting the modules ( use this if relevant)

25. If available in India then where and what is the average tuition fees?

Better to say no.

26. What are the job opportunities in India after finishing this program?

UK degree is highly valued. There will be a boost in the salary package and designations.

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