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Which is the Best Consultancy

Videsh Counsultz is the best consultancy for study abroad in Italy. The only authorized Italian university representative in India. We collaborate with Italian universities on an official basis, helping Indian students secure admission to highly esteemed international colleges offering free education and scholarships. Furthermore, we have helped over 6500 students to study in Italy up to this point.

Videsh counsultz is the best consultancy for study abroad in Germany. We have been working on the idea of "study in Germany" for 14 years, and so far, we have helped 2400 Indian students enroll successfully at top-tier German universities.

Videsh counsultz is the best abroad consultancy in France. Up to 350 Indian students now have seats in prestigious French universities thanks to our efforts.

Best Latvia Education Consultants for study abroad. Videsh Consultz is the best consultancy for Lativa. We have been successful in helping 400 + students fulfill their dream of studying abroad at prestigious Latvian colleges.

Best Uk education consultants for study abroad. Videsh consultz is the best consultancy for the UK. The UK is the most likable place for tourism and education, we have successfully secured various categories of program seats for more than 400+ students in top universities for 14 years.

Yes, Italy is a Schengen country. The Schengen Area is a zone comprising 26 European countries that have officially abolished all passports and other types of border control at their mutual borders. This allows for the free and unrestricted movement of people within the Schengen Area. Italy has been a part of the Schengen Area since its establishment in 1995.

Italy is one of the world’s tourist attractions for its art, history, sights, beaches, monuments, and even food. But it’s also notorious for organized crime and susceptible to the ongoing threats over Europe. Italy ranks 17 out of 162 Countries for global safety as per the latest reports.

Yes. You should carry a health Insurance with you if you are visiting Italy. It costs nearly 60-140 e/y where you get free medical treatment and all benefits.

As a student, you are legally allowed 20hrs of work per week. You are eligible to earn 8-10 e/hr.

Yes, you can find Indian food in Italy. In larger cities and metropolitan areas, you are likely to find restaurants and eateries that serve Indian cuisine. These establishments cater to diverse culinary preferences, including those who enjoy Indian dishes. They may offer a range of options from various regions of India, including vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes. You will also find many Indian grocery stores that have all the Indian products and ingredients required for regular home-cooked meals.

Following are some of the benefits that you will receive as one of our students:

Being an official representative of Italian Universities, our team works closely end-to-end with the University departments and professors for your needs.

You will receive personalized career counseling, which helps in the right course & university selection.

We help you in cracking university interviews and offer Italian language classes

We assist you in finding accommodation, Italian insurance, pre-activated Italian SIM cards, and currency exchange

We provide you pre-departure and post-arrival landing services for your smooth transition to a foreign country.

Fee & Scholarship

No. All Italian universities are public-funded and hence charge the same tuition fee for local and international students.

For example, Sapienza University of Rome ranks 203 in the world, and its tuition fees are only 1000 Euro (EUR) per year.

If the family income is less than 42000 e/yr, then the student is eligible for getting a scholarship worth up to (EUR) per year.

Italy offers free or very low-cost education at public universities for domestic and EU/EEA students. However, international students from non-EU/EEA countries are often required to pay tuition fees. The reason for this difference in treatment is primarily based on the funding structure of Italian universities and government policies.

Budget Constraints: Italian universities, like those in many countries, receive funding from the government to cover the cost of education for their domestic and EU/EEA students. This funding is limited, and as a result, they may charge tuition fees to non-EU/EEA international students as a source of revenue.

Budget Sustainability: Charging tuition fees to non-EU/EEA international students helps universities maintain their budgets and provide quality education to all students. Without these fees, they may struggle to meet their financial needs.

Differentiated Treatment: Many countries differentiate between domestic, EU/EEA, and non-EU/EEA students when it comes to tuition fees. This practice is common in many European countries.

It's important to note that the tuition fees for international students in Italy can vary depending on the university, the level of study, and the specific program. Some universities may offer scholarships or exemptions based on academic merit or other criteria, so international students should explore their options and check with the university they plan to attend for detailed information on tuition fees and potential financial aid opportunities.

No, the student will get a Scholarship of 5200 e/yr based on his/her family base income.

Family composition, income certificate, movable and immovable property assets are some of the things required for the Scholarship process.

It is typically recommended to start the scholarship process in April. The deadline in Italy is 15th, and the documentation process takes a minimum of 8 weeks (about 2 months).

About Universities and Courses

Yes, Universities around the world recognize and follow the “Bologna process” or Italian education system. 45 out of 71 universities in Italy are listed in the world’s top 1000 ranking educational institutions. Many Universities have more than 500 cumulative years of teaching and research experience. All international students are eligible to apply for Erasmus through which they can do semester studies in other universities.


Students have the option to choose Management, Architecture, Fashion Studies, and Life Sciences.

Am I eligible to apply?

Yes, Videsh Consultz helps you in getting admission in your preferred University if your percentage is min 55%.

We recommend that you start ASAP to get admission into the world’s top-ranking universities.

Documents required

Each Universities’ autonomous body has its requirement and checklist, so kindly contact our counselor to know more information.

We help students with the notary, translation, legalization courier, and University update services.

Italian universities are public funded. It takes 45 days (about 1 and a half months) to get updates from a university

Usually, it takes 6-8 weeks (about 2 months) to get a student Visa.

Hrd/App is mandatory on a degree certificate, which costs 700-3000rs.

Pre-enrollment is mandatory after getting admission. It is usually a 5-min Interviewp>

Students should apply for DOV, which takes about four weeks.

Students should show 6-7 Lakhs in their Bank Account with six months of transaction details.

Future after study

After the course completion, students will be issued with a 1-year full-time work permit, which allows them to search for jobs in all 26 countries

In Italy, after completing a course of study, students may be eligible for a work permit, depending on the circumstances. Here are some general considerations:

Post-Graduation Work Permit

Job Search Visa

Employment Contract

Depending upon the job contract letter, the student’s Visa will be extended.

The ability to extend a visa in Italy depends on the type of visa you hold and the circumstances of your stay. Here are a few general points to consider:

Student Visa Extension

Work Visa Extension

Other Visa Extensions

Yes, upon the stay of 5 years (2 years student visa + 3 years work permit), students can apply for PR.

Yes, they can, but specific terms and conditions apply.

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